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The Paul Alan Project

Our first ever golf day, which we hope to make an annual event, is in memory of Paul Alan Parish. A gloriously loved and much-missed Fulham FC fan, who lost his life to a cardiac arrest during a home game vs. Blackpool FC at Craven Cottage on 29th January 2022, with his family by his side.

The Paul Alan Project was founded in November 2022 by me, in my Dad’s name, on the belief that EVERYBODY should have access to basic lifesaving skills and that the cost of which should not be a barrier.

Most companies will charge an individual upwards of £100 for this training. With the cost of living and more and more people living in financial hardship, this is just not inclusive and accessible. We train people for FREE to remove these barriers, so ALL people can be empowered with the knowledge and skills to recognise the signs of a cardiac arrest and ACT QUICKLY to manage the situation by performing effective CPR and using a defibrillator to preserve and save lives.

We aim to raise at least £3,200 from today which will fund two public access cabinets, each housing a
defibrillator and bleed control kit within Greater London to help keep our communities emergency safe.

We believe that everybody should know how to save a life and have easy and speedy access to these two vital pieces of lifesaving equipment.

We raise funds for this equipment to prevent deaths from sudden cardiac arrest and catastrophic bleeds so hopefully we can save families from experiencing the same loss as we did in January 2022.

A cardiac arrest means that the heart has suddenly stopped pumping blood around the body. There is no
warning; it happens quickly and unexpectedly and can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time regardless of health, lifestyle, age or gender.

A defibrillator is an incredible easy-to-use machine that can restart the heart. The instructions are clear and the devices are voice activated with pictures to guide you. You don’t need previous training or knowledge to use one; a child under 10 could safely and effectively use a defibrillator in an emergency. When a person is in cardiac arrest, every second counts. For every minute somebody’s heart is not beating, they lose 10% chance of survival. Early recognition, early CPR and defibrillation can be the difference between life and death and can mitigate severe organ damage. Having a public access defibrillator within a minute or two of where the person collapses is essential to give the best chance of survival.

When somebody is in cardiac arrest and a defibrillator is not used, or used after 6 minutes, the person is unlikely to survive and if they do survive, organ damage is likely. This is why we believe that public access defibrillators are so essential and should be available everywhere - they are the only piece of equipment that can give someone in cardiac arrest the best chance of survival whilst the paramedics are on their way. Our charity is for everybody - not just the few.

Bleed kits, like defibrillators, are essential lifesaving pieces of kit that equip individuals who are first on
the scene of a catastrophic bleed with the vital tools they need to help control blood loss, as again, time is paramount. A person can die from severe blood loss in as little as 3 to 5 minutes. Each piece inside the kit is clearly labelled to tell you what it is and when and how to use it - it is, again, easy to use, in an emergency - for the bystander with no previous first aid or medical knowledge.

• Unfortunately, there are currently not enough accessible lifesaving cabinets available. In an ideal world,
nobody should be more than 2 minutes away from one at any given time. We want to make every town
emergency safe, and, by your attendance today - you are helping us to do just that! The cost of our
lifesaving public access defibrillator cabinets are as follows:

• Public access defibrillator in locked cabinet - £1200
• Bleed control kit - £75
• Cabinet installation by a certified electrician - £200 - 300

• What makes our charity special and sets us apart from the large ‘corporate’ charities is that we have
very few overheads - we don’t have expensive premises, staff or vehicle costs. We don’t spend public
donations on ambiguous outgoings or tacky, environmentally unfriendly merchandise - we are completely transparent in how we spend our money and always will be. Over 90% of donated funds go towards our defibrillator and bleed kit appeal and we are proud of that! When you donate to our charity, you can be reassured that it is not going towards a CEO’s six-figure salary, questionable expenses or an enormous marketing budget - our donor’s money helps to save lives; empowering people with the knowledge, skills and equipment to do so.

• We want to thank the wonderful Martin Feltham for helping to organise this fundraiser today - for all his support, friendship, enthusiasm and expertise - thank you! And thank you to you all for being here today to support us and hopefully raise a lot of awareness about our small but mighty charity after this event!

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Please note that all proceeds above the minimum bid go to the charity.
All personally signed items come with a certificate of authenticity.
All experiences are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated.


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