African Migration


This wonderful sculpture mounted on wood is from Peter Sampson’s personal collection. He has donated it for the benefit of the Big Cat Sanctuary.

 The design inspiration comes from the scene of the African migration. Five wild animals are a united team, playing their respective roles and helping each other during the migration process. A leopard explores the migration route in the forefront. Next to it is a giraffe, which overlooks the distant terrain and potential dangers. A fierce lion in the middle leads this migratory procession. Next, an elephant raises its long trunk and swings it in the air to try and sniff out further away to determine if there is any danger. And a rhinoceros is an honest and loyal companion, walking at the rear and defending itself against all kinds of danger from behind.

This exquisite sculpture is meticulously crafted, clearly visible from the eyes, body parts, and even the fur of animals. It makes for an impressive placement on desks, TV cabinets, hallways, and other places.