Alpaca Walks For 2 People


Enjoy a Kenward Alpaca Experience for 2! This is the best way to meet our herd of eight alpacas, giving you an hour to meet, learn about and walk them across our fifteen acres of stunning Kent countryside.

Each of our alpacas has their own distinct personality, but they all really enjoy going on their daily walks with members of the public- in fact they wait by the gate when they know it is time! They are all also incredibly friendly, albeit occasionally a bit cheeky, and love being around humans.

The walk includes a section through our woodland walk which has been freshly extended by our Estates team as well as across our grounds, so please make sure that anyone you want to be able to take part in the experience would be able to keep up, and that they all wear appropriate footwear.

Terms And Conditions

This is only suitable for over 10s. If you have children younger you can exchange your experience for a ‘Meet & Greet’ to feed and experience our Alpacas and Goats, kids are supplied with squash, drawing activities and an alpacas biscuit.

This is prize must be enjoyed by end of July 2024.