Wine tasting evening in the comfort of your home or office for up to 20 people hosted by a wine expert


  • There are different types of wine tastings, Vertical Tasting, Horizontal Tasting, Old World vs New World Wine Tasting or a blind tasting to test your knowledge!
  • Be prepared; the appropriate glassware is essential, and the temperature of the wine, so make sure Red wine is at room temperature and white wine is in the cooler chilling.
  • Take notes! It's essential to note down the taste, look and smell (aroma) of the wine so you can compare at the end.

A wine experience is all about the tasting. Therefore we felt it was only fitting to provide you with a few helpful tips on hosting your own wine tasting party. This can take place from the comfort of your home, a cosy corner in your local pub or virtually online with friends!

A tasting party is a perfect way to explore new varieties of wine, from the French Loire Valley to the depths of South Africa, be prepared to take around the world trip sampling exquisite wines, maybe sampling something you wouldn't usually choose.