Yamaha Baby Grand Piano GC1


The Yamaha Baby Grand Piano GC1 pleases even the most discerning pianists. Quite possibly the most capable, affordable, performance baby grand from any piano maker. The GC1 is manufactured in the world-renowned Japanese factory and delivers a luxury experience for the player without dominating a room with its size. A Yamaha baby grand promises a lifetime of low maintenance, hassle free ownership. Take the guesswork and anxiety out of the piano buying process by investing in the most trusted name in pianos today.

This Yamaha GC1was owned and played by one the husband of one our benefactors, who sadly passed away 5 months ago. The dimensions are 5.3 feet (161 centimetres) long and 4.9 feet (149 centimetres) wide. It's about 5 months old and in pristine condition. The piano is currently stored with the moving company. The moving company can deliver it anywhere. However, the beneficiary has to pay the moving costs. This charges will be in addition to the final price.

You will need to contact the movers and make an arrangement about the moving process. We can supply details of them to any interested parties please email dave@frankbruno.co.uk for details of the moving company when asking for a report on the condition they replied "I can confirm that the piano is in excellent and pristine condition”. It was carefully removed from our benefactor’s former house by our professionals and securely packed, as shown in the previous photos. The piano is including the stool.